Ultraman 45th anniversary

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Ultraman vs. It was also released on VHS and Laserdisc in InUltraman vs. The special is an in-depth retrospective of the two franchises, making comparisons between the different characters, their weapons, powers and so forth. Segments include:.

The main characters, Ultraman and Kamen Rider 1 appear on the scene separately, each fighting an original kaijin and kaiju. When the two monsters are nearly defeated, they merge into a more powerful kaiju. Ultraman experiences trouble and calls for Kamen Rider 1's help.

Kamen Rider 1 is then able to grow to enormous size to fight alongside Ultraman. Combining their powers, the two were able to successfully destroy the monster.

The short, with the exception of the narrator and some background extras, featured no face or voice actors, only suit actors, and only used recycled soundbytes for both the voices of Ultraman and Kamen Rider 1. After having been unavailable for years, it was announced in a press conference held on June 24, at the offices of Bandai that the special is being released on both DVD and Blu-ray on Oct.

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This is to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Ultraman, and the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The front and back of the original VHS and Laserdisc cover. Kamen Rider. Ultraman and Kamen Rider 1 at the Blu-ray re-release. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. The following contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon or not part of the main canon. Ultraman Taiga Ultraman Z. Ultra Fight Ultraman vs.

Ultra Q The Movie Revive! Ultraman Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai!During the series' run, Ultraman Mebius celebrated the 40th anniversary of Ultra Series, with the setting going back to the Showa Era universe and the titular character meeting with the Ultra Brothers. The guest appearances of the Ultra Brothers in his series proper further boosted the viewer rating, becoming a series that is enjoyable for both children and adults.

Ironically, after Ultraman Mebius ended, the Ultra Series entered another period of hiatus. His grunts for Mebius were archived afterwards for future appearances.

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As a series that celebrated the 40th anniversary of Ultra Series, Ultraman Mebius was set in a world where the Earth has been in a period of peace for about 25 years since the departure of Ultraman Because Ultraman Mebius is depicted as a rookie Ultraman who cooperates with a rookie Earth Defense Team members, the series adopts the element of a developing rookie, with key elements from Ultraman Nexussuch as "friendship" and "bonds" in a more universal manner.

It is also a coincidence that many of the filming crew members for Nexussuch as Hiroyasu Shibuya participated in the production. Mebius' grunts were originally high pitched in the early series, but starting from episode 23 and onward, they were deepened under the request of supervisor Yuichi Abe in hopes of emphasizing Mebius' growth of character. Beam Lamp. Mebius was a rookie member of the Space Garrison, who was bestowed the Mebius Brace and sent to Earth by the Father of Ultra as the next Ultraman to guard it.

Sometime before his arrival, he encountered an astronaut named Hiroto Ban, who sacrificed himself to save his father and the entire ship's crew from being sucked into a wormhole that entered the Ultra Zone. Mebius tried to reach the man in the last minute but failed and decided to use his image in hopes of honoring his sacrifice, while the naming his human form Mirai came from Hiroto's father, Tetsuro.

In the beginning of the series, Mebius encountered Bogar, who orchestrated several of the monster attacks in the early arc of the series. The Earth was attacked by Dinozaur, the first monster attack recorded since Margodon from 25 years prior Ultraman Mebius fought against the invader and won but was chastised by Ryu for not only using the buildings as shields, but also for being unable to minimize the collateral damage from the battle. After putting aside their differences, the two managed to defeat Bogar and for Tsurugi to free himself from his armor while renaming himself as Hikari by Ryu.

In the middle of the series, a mysterious invasion group made their move on Earth by sending their scout, Inpelaizer. This was after his battle with Nova, when Mebius was called back by the Space Garrison, due to the threat being too strong for him. While visiting Ryu on his day off, Mirai revealed his true identity to him before fighting the Inpelaizer. His instructor, Taro, was sent to continue the fight before Mebius fell due to exhaustion.

Despite being ordered not to fight, Mirai transformed in front of his teammates and fought alongside his instructor. Soon he faced many threats that were related to the same invader that sent Inpelaizer, including the group dubbed the "Dark Four Heavenly Kings", serving the dark lord known as "the Emperor".

With his battles nearing to a close, the support he gained from GUYS and members of the Ultra Brothers helped him to move forward.The Ultra Series is also one of the most well known examples of the daikaiju genre, which also includes Toho 's Godzilla films, and Daiei Film 's Gamera series.

Ultraman and his many kin are usually red-and-silver although several color variations have been seen in recent years and have glowing yellow almond-shaped dome eyes although there are exceptions to both the shape and color and various abilities, most notably to fire energy beams from various positions of crossed hands.

The Ultra beings' main weakness is that they can only stay on Earth in giant form for a limited span of time, usually not longer than three minutes, owing to a limited supply of energy Earth's atmosphere filters out solar energy. This is marked by a light on the character's body usually called the Color Timer, or "warning light," which eventually begins to blink with increasing frequency as his energy supply dwindles and turns from blue to red.

At this stage, the Ultra beings must either find a way to recharge or finish the fight as soon as possible, or involuntarily revert to human form, or worse, risk certain death.

Some say another reason for Ultraman to recharge is because the Earth is badly polluted by humans, so Ultraman only has three minutes on Earth, but can survive long enough in outer space. The time limit only happens inside the Earth's atmosphere but they have none of those setbacks outside.

To counter this, Ultramen almost always merge with a human host or create a human form for themselves in order to survive on Earth, more often than not reviving a recently dead person with their own lifeforce.

Ultra beings also appear to be near impossible to permanently kill, as several times an Ultra being has been killed only to be revived by another member of their species. In other cases a large enough amount of energy can be utilized to bring them back to life, usually provided by their human allies, even after being completely destroyed, as was the case with Mebius' death at the hands of Empira, only to be revived shortly thereafter by the life energy of his allies.

Ultraman always try to avoid battles in inhabited areas or fighting in a place where there are innocent bystanders and try to cause the least amount of destruction as possible, from the side effects of their fights when confronting in the city, when and if they can't; a city like Tokyo would be destroyed.

The Ultra-Garrison are ranked from low-tier cosmics to high-tier cosmics. Ultraman was followed by many other series. In the course of Max series, another new hero known as Ultraman Xenon was also introduced. April saw the 40th anniversary series, Ultraman Mebiuswhich signalled a long-awaited return to the original canon. The straight-to-video market also saw the release of Ultraman Neos inas well as special features for Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia, who have teamed up in theatrical features Tiga and Dyna once, as well as the three of them all together.

The dub considerably distorted the characterization and general mood of the series, and--possibly as a result--it achieved only limited success. This direct-to-video feature is co-copyrighted by both Toei and its subordinates, Toei Video and Ishinomori Productions and Tsuburaya Productions.

At present, Tsuburaya Prod. This figure does not account for Thai-produced Ultramen.

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The figure is 38 if Next, Noa, and Nexus are counted as separate entities--it has been revealed in Nexus that all three are a single being with various modes used by different hosts.The movie is set in the world of Ultraman Dynataking place 15 years after the series and features much of the supporting cast returning.

A selection of members from the idol group AKB48 has been chosen to portray the characters of Team-U, a special monster attack team part of the fictional Earth Defense Force. The film opens with a powerful apocalyptic vision of Tokyo, buildings destroyed and the city seemingly devoid of life.

During their raid, Team U is attacked by the monster, Earthtron. Despite their setup traps and weapons assisting them, they are no match for the monster. As the monster rampages, Ultraman Dyna appears and quickly destroys Earthtron.

Ultraman 50th Anniversary Project - Teaser

Meanwhile, in the alternate universe in which he defeated Ultraman BelialUltraman Zero receives a distress call from an unknown voice as he is battling a hoard of Legionoids and proceeds into the multiverse after making quick work of the robots.

Upon arriving to the universe where he received the distress signal, he goes towards the Earth in aid, which is revealed to be the same universe in while Ultraman Dyna took place.

Shortly before Zero departs, the hosts and Human forms of Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace and Leo comment on something unusual taking place in the multiverse, referring to the universe in which Zero is headed for. Taking place 15 years after Shin Asuka Ultraman Dyna disappeared through a black hole at the series's ending, Earth has since then set up a space station on Mars in Asuka's honor and memory. The space station is then attacked by a few Granspheres, only for the invaders to quickly be fended off by a young defense team pilot named Taiga.

Shortly after recklessly pursuing the Granspheres, Taiga is trapped along with a few other Granspheres inside of a Fortress-like Ship of an invading alien force, that quickly disappears.

Taiga soon finds himself in the apocalyptic version of Tokyo, as Ultraman Zero battles the fleet of spaceships that were released by the Fortress. As Taiga notices a crashing ship heading straight towards a young boy, he pilots his ship directly into its path in an act of self-sacrifice. Witnessing his brave actions, Ultraman Zero rescues Taiga and joins with him.

Once Taiga reawakens, he discovers that Ultraman Zero saved him and is not happy to be joined with the Ultra.

ultraman 45th anniversary

Trying to dismiss and expel the Ultra from his body, Taiga and the boy are attacked by another monster named Gubira. As Taiga tries to keep the boy and himself from getting harmed, Gubira is confronted by another Ultraman, Ultraman Cosmos. After a relatively short fight, Cosmos manages to calm down Gubira and the monster leaves the deserted city peacefully. Shortly after encountering Ultraman Cosmos's human host, Musashi Haruno, both Ultras and the boy named Takeru are picked by Team U and taken to their base, which is revealed to be a warehouse full of children.

Taiga and Musashi learn that Team U and the children are the last survivors on planet Earth after the world was invaded by an evil alien known as Alien Bat, who was revealed to have abducted all life on Earth, including nearly the entire human population.

Shortly after the introductions, Alien Bat reveals himself to the survivors and unleashed Gubira and the monster, Gomess to attack them.

Ultra Series

With the help of Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Zero the latter being only 5 meters tall due to Taiga's stubborn participationthe monsters are turned gentle once again, only to be murdered in cold blood by Alien Bat for failing him. Alien Bat then announces to the survivors that they will all be killed by his greatest weapon: Zetton. As Taiga and Musashi bond with Team U and the children, it is revealed that the reason for Taiga's general dislike towards Ultraman is due to his parents being killed by accident during one of Ultraman Dyna's fights against a monster, thus forcing him to live a very lonely lifestyle growing up.

It is also revealed by Team U that Ultraman Dyna and his human host Asuka had once stayed with the team and protected them, but was lost in battle against Alien Bat's Zetton.

The next day Alien Bat reveals his customized Zetton and what remains of Ultraman Dyna, who has been turned to stone.The show first premiered on TV Tokyo on July 6, and was in syndication for two years. The show features clips from past Ultra Series shows.

The catchphrases for the series are "Let's Schwatch together in front of the television at 6 o'clock on Wednesday! Starting from April 2,New Ultraman Retsuden changed its broadcasting schedule from pm in the Tuesday to am in Saturday. The series was put to an end in late June except for its final nine episodesand it previewed the then-upcoming Ultra Series, Ultraman Orb. Some episodes of Ultraman Retsuden featured episodes from the past Ultra Series shows, for example the second episode featured episode 2 of Ultraman and the third episode featured episode 1 of Ultraman Tiga.

The series had 3 seasons with 13 episodes each. The segment itself is a tribute to the low-budget minisodes of Ultra Fight. It is an adaption of the video game of the same title. The series itself is a tribute to the low-budget minisodes of Ultra Fight.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ultraman Retsuden The poster for Ultraman Retsuden. Toshihiko Sahashi Toru Fuyuki. The poster for New Ultraman Retsuden featuring the schedule change in the airing time and the "Ultra 50" stamp on the corner left. Retrieved Archived from the original on Ultra Series.

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Download as PDF Printable version. The poster for Ultraman Retsuden. Yasunori Matsumoto Kensuke Takahashi.Source: Tsuburaya Productions press release Official Site: m Tsuburaya Productions Co. At the time of its original broadcast init recorded an audience rating high of Using the latest technology, the 39 episodes that are the starting point for the immortal giant hero have been restored to the clearest possible image quality.

With EXA Quality Advanced Service EQASa composite technology that beautifully restores images, processing was done to remove excess picture noise while leaving the appropriate graininess.

ultraman 45th anniversary

The main feature on the bonus disc is a new Premium Talk of 69 newly recorded testimonials from members of the ULTRAMAN cast, production team, plus fans who are creators and cultural figures from various fields.

Watch the filming of a scene that no one has seen!

ultraman 45th anniversary

Tsuburaya Productions, creator and copyrights owner of the superhero ULTRAMAN series was founded in by Eiji Tsuburaya, world-renowned special effects wizard also known for his special effects work on the Godzilla series. Its popular Ultraman TV and film series which premiered in has been seen in over territories worldwide and has spawned over 3, licensed products. In addition to production, the company also handles character licensing and program distribution and staging live stage shows both domestically and internationally.

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Photo courtesy of Tsuburaya Productions. Comparison of the 2. Photos courtesy of Tsuburaya Productions. The set includes an 8mm behind the scenes film. Search for:. Watch more episodes!Can anyone from Wix help. Sorry to hear that, Malcolm.

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Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider

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ultraman 45th anniversary

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